Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pittsburgh Pugfest

We're going to the Pittsburgh Pugfest this weekend. We've done an agility demo there for several years, we were going to skip it, but since they had already planned it and Kittie & Abby pretty much are the only pittsburgh area agility pugs we really have to do it. It's nice experience for them, but we're booking out of there asap after the demo. In past years I've stuck around, tried to help people get started, chat about pugs, training and agility, but it's so, so depressing. I've watched way too many people set jumps higher than the dog would jump in competition, drag the dog by their leash, shouting JUMP and then call them "dumb" or "stubborn" when they don't do it. The first year we bought a teeter out, not for new dogs to try but just for the demo...we couldn't keep people away from it, YIKES!!

Anyway my guys are all over their website: that's baby Abby in the red and black checkered fleece and Willy and Rudy in their coats on the top of the page (the photos change), and you can get your very own Abby screensaver.


Margie said...

Clancy really enjoyed the Abby screensaver ;-)

westoverpugs said...

Isn't that funny?! I wasn't expecting to see that!