Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tamarack Lake trial Nov. 23

We went to the Tamarack Lake trial for just one day last weekend. We were entered two days, but it's held north of here, near Lake Erie and they get tons of snow and wouldn't you know it, of course there was a storm predicted for Friday night straight through Saturday. I'm not a big fan of driving in snow, so we just skipped it the first day and drove up Sunday morning.

Abby had a fantastic JWW run on a very tough course, Kittie did great too, but NQ because of.....a dropped bar, what else?! Abby's standard run was a wee bit of a disaster, she pretty much did her own thing, running past obvious obstacles and darting behind me to take others. I just can't consistently figure that little muchkin out! She's amazing when she's on, but you never know what to expect. Kittie Q and took 2nd in standard! YAY Kittie!! We've had such a dry spell lately...all because of dropped bars.

We're going to a trial this weekend and then again in mid December and then we *may* take some time off.


The Pug Boys said...

Wow, what a stunning picture of Abby that you sent to Helen for her website! I have video of one of your runs at the PDCA Nationals in Harrisburg. I'm thinking of playing around with agility. About 3 years ago, I took my pugs to an introductory agility class. It was a 7 week course where each week they were introduced to the equipment. The last class they did a little course. I'm wondering what is the best style of weave poles? In that class they had channel style weave poles. I'd like to buy a set of weave poles and start teaching Sidney. What videos would you recommend where I can learn agility. Sidney thinks he can fly. He would do well in agility. Both Sidney and Abby have the same dam. They're half sister and brother.

westoverpugs said...

Thanks, I didn't even realize that picture was on Helen's site. I keep meaning to get some agility shots of Abby for Helen.
I really like 2 X 2 weave poles, but I've heard good things about using channels too. I may do a combination of 2 X 2 and channels with my next dog. Nothing beats good classes or private lessons for agility, but Greg Derrets tapes are good. I don't use his system but still found a lot of good info there. You can find them on
Do you know which dog I'm running in the video from Harrisburg? Abby didn't do well there and Kittie's runs were ok, but pretty slow.

The Pug Boys said...

Thanks for the agility tips. I don't know if it was Abby or Kitty in the Video. When I went to Nationals, I tried to tape as many agility runs as I could. My mom was with me and she has some health issues. So I was limited as to the amount of time I could spend taping the event. I actually made a movie of the 2007 PDCA Nationals. It includes obedience, agility, breed, freestyle, and some candid photos set to music. I was quite impressed with your handling skills, your pug's quickness and happy attitude.

westoverpugs said...

Do you have the movie anywhere that it can be viewed? Maybe put it up on youtube?? Please : )