Friday, March 27, 2009

The Big Plan

I want to put together a list of tricks, skills, cues etc for Indy. Things she already knows, things I'm in the process of teaching, plans for the future. It's basically for myself, just to help keep me on track and focused, but I thought I would share it....this way anyone who feels like it can call me on anything I'm not living up to!

At 5 months
* = skills already understood * = skills partially taught * = skills we haven't started

Basic behaviors & Tricks

  1. sit *

  2. down *

  3. come when her name is called *

  4. wait to be released from all open doors & her crate *

  5. 1,2,3,4 lift each paw on cue *

  6. perch work *

  7. step backwards onto any (appropriate height) object (this leads to teaching handstands) *

  8. cover face with paw *

  9. put all feet in small bowl *

  10. ride a skate board *

  11. walk backwards *

  12. weave through legs *

  13. weave backwards through legs *

  14. run and pounce front feet on target *

  15. left & right directional cues *

  16. walk in heads up heel position *

  17. handstand *

  18. sit up/beg *

  19. cover face with both paws *

Agility specific things - the only agility specific things we've started are the teeter with me holding the end, she's doing really well and loves it! The table, again I'm really pleased with her, we've started recall to heel exercises.

  1. Have full understanding of postional cues

  2. teach jumping using Linda's foundation work

  3. teeter- run to the end, crouch down and wait until board hits the ground and move

  4. Contacts-Silvia's method. (With full ability to turn using direction cues, and fully independent of my position)

  5. Table- get on, stay on, get in postion fast and leave on cue, quickly

  6. Come in close when cued, not after taking an obstacle, immediately come to whatever location is cued (AKC courses are getting tighter and tighter and I find I'm needing this skill more all the time).
  7. Full understanding of verbal obstacle cues....I tend to run silent and depend 100% on motion cues, it does work well, 99% of the time, but I need to break this habit.
  8. Full understanding of forward & lateral sends.
  9. Weave poles- find the entry no matter where I am, stay in no matter where I am, with speed. will probably use 2 X 2 but may try channels

I'll probably be adding to this list over time.

Any thoughts on things you would teach if starting a young dog


The Pug Boys said...

You're very thorough, set goals, and have a plan. No wonder you & Kittie have a MACH. Not to mention talent to boot.

westoverpugs said...

Thanks! You're much kinder than my husband who (lovingly) calls me a nerd!

Margie said...

I LOVE this plan. You are so much better about this sort of thing than I am. :-)

Anonymous said...

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