Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time Off

So, we've had a very long vacation from agility. No trials (just one in December), only two classes per month since about November, not much training in the backyard either, too muddy.

Two dogs, two very different effects: Kittie, my steady little gal, rarely making any mistakes other than knocked mess!!! She's off coursing all over the place, barking (yelling) at me non-stop, none of this is due to increased speed on her part, she's going about the same pace as always, we just don't have the same type of connection right now and she seems to be focusing more on the obstacles and less on me. I'm sure my timing is a bit off too, and she's quick to let me know about it!

Abby though ran like she always does, maybe a bit better! The only issue I had with her was if I drifted away from the dogwalk she bailed off the side, which truely doesn't shock me. Running contacts can require a lot of work to maintain them and she's only seen them maybe 6 times since October.

All this really makes me realize how different these two are, Kittie seems to be the type who really thrives on a lot of training, while Abby needs things to be less serious. Which makes sense if you know these two; Kittie is the uber nerd and Abby's the eternal silly puppy.

One thing is for sure, I have my work cut out for me to get Kittie back in shape for the Spring/summer season!!


Margie said...

I've also had a long break but am still going to agility class once a week with each dog and Aoife goes to obdeience one day a week. I sure hope Clancy is figuring out what I want him to do. :-) Our next trial is a NADAC one on March 28th where I'll work on his start line stays. The plan is to pick him up if he breaks. Hopefully this will translate into some control at AKC trials. Depending on what happens at that trial will determine our late spring/summer agility schedule but I'm hoping things works out and we can meet up somewhere like last year. :-) Maybe I can even get my wild child under control by then. :-)

westoverpugs said...

How's Aoife coming along? How old is she now?
I did pull Abby, one time I think for breaking a stay, if the dog is breaking becuse of enthusiasm to run (and not stress), and the stay is really well trained & proofed then it can work.

Are you planning to go to pug nationals?

Margie said...

Aoife just turned a year and a half and she is totally out of control right now and is running the show in agility class. My teacher has me taking obdeience with her and so far after 5 sessions I have seen no difference in her. I hoping as soon as I can start to work her outside, she will calm down a bit (thinking that it's the one day a week thing getting her so worked up). I'm getting pretty frustrated because this is one thing I have never had to deal with before. With Molly it was making her go, with Clancy making him work away but this! Aoife spends more time barking at me running around in circles than doing agility. But she is super fast so I guess that is a good thing. :-)

I'm still planning on going to Nationals. At the rate Aoife is going, it will be her first trial. :-)

westoverpugs said...

Everyone needs an out of control crazy dog : ) Once you get her figured out you will have had experience with several different types of dogs.

Do you have any video? I'm just curious to watch and see if I notice anything going on. Do you spend much time working on the excercises in Linda's book, gradually (over months & months) adding in some speed?

Margie said...

To be honest, since it got cold outside I haven't done much training at all except in class (bad Margie). But I know spring is around the corner and I'll be going outside again and training. I just bought another DVD - InFocus Crying for Control and am hoping it will have some tips. I'll get my friend Peggy to take a video during the next class and load it on my YouTube page. If nothing else it will be good for a laugh. :-)