Monday, March 16, 2009

Rudy & I

I've been thinking....Rudy and I really are very similar. We both can be a tad difficult, we're opinionated and not afraid to let those opinions be known, we resist most all forms of control, we both hold grudges, can be highly suspicious, we're very passionate about the things and people we love, we both have ants in our pants and like to be on the move.

And that's probably why Rudy and I have clashed over the years, we're too similar, I'm not sure who's more pig headed than the other.

A bit of an update on my crazy girl, Generally I'm pretty opposed to drugs like predinsone, lots of BAD side effects, but when you're watching your dog just wilt away before our eyes, you throw those feelings aside. I have to say, it's been a huge help. After just one dose, she was 100% the Rudy I know. The bad part, she can't stay on it forever and there's a very good chance all her symptom will return.

We went to the holistic vet today, and lets just say Rudy and I both aren't so much into new age, pan flute type music.....normal Rudy doesn't much see the point of lying still, unless she's napping, especially when somone is poking little needles in her feet. Only about half the acupuncture needles managed to stay in place. We're going to keep trying, and go to weekly appointments for a while, wish us and the holistic vet some luck!


Margie said...

I'm like you 100%. I like to avoid drugs at all costs but when you find something that is working, even in the short term, you have to go for it. And maybe Rudy will channel her new age gypsy and keep those needles in and the predinsone will only be needed to get her over the hump.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess-- I agree with you and Pred can be awful -- my hubby was on it for over a year...but if it is giving you a few true "Rudy" Days then relish those times for sure. The Acupuncture will get better -- Shaili about shook all of then out the first time -- she is used to it now though -- if you can have them do the electro kind, it is even better -- they hook them -- Shaili pretty much melts...and I think it is a more intense treatment...something to think about and Adequan too...

Good MACh yet but we did manage a Double this weekend....

Hang in there... Kelly

westoverpugs said...

Hi Kelly,
I'm hoping she gets used to it. He's going to skip the ones on her feet for a while, she really didn't know what to make of that!

So, how many doubles you need? 2?

You guys will get there!!