Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rare happy photo of Kittie

Kittie can be a really silly dog, though she can be quite serious about her work. She almost never looks silly and carefree in photos though. She looks like all my elementary school photos; uptight, panic stricken but trying to look happy.

Here's a rare photo that really shows Kittie for who she is! A happy little nerd, who loves to run more than nothing else.


The Pug Boys said...

Jasper is a very serious pug while his brother is the opposite. Sidney wakes up wanting to play. He'll grab his nylabone first thing every morning and start prancing around. Hey, look what I got. He's silly and fun loving. When he can't get his brother to play, he comes to me then swats me on the head with his paw. Then starts tugging my hair on top of my head. He makes me laugh.

The Pug Boys said...

Look how deep that snow is. Burrr. How often does it snow like this in Pittsburgh?

Kittie looks like she enjoys it.

westoverpugs said...

It was pretty deep, for a while there we were getting a few inches every day. It's melted and gone now, and it's been replaced by mud. I'd prefer snow!

Our weather in the winter is crazy, it can be in the single digits one day, and then in the 50s the next.