Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Young Dogs & old Dogs

A group shot taken this Fall of, Kittie, Abby & Indy "the three young ladies" as they're called around here.More and more lately it feels like I have two separate packs in my house. The young dogs and the old dogs.....even though Kittie, a member of the young dog pack is only 7 months younger than Willy. This Winter, I've really seen the differences, Rudy & Willy don't want to go for walks now that it's cold out, while the young ladies would stay out all day if I let them. This wouldn't be so bad, but there's the guilt of not doing agility with the older ones, so when we go to train, or away to seminars or trials, guess who gets left behind??

I know it's a normal shift, but I hate to think of them being left behind all the time.....even if they don't seem to mind one bit.


The Pug Boys said...

Jasper is 7 years older than Sidney. I take Sidney along with us when we go to Show-n-go's, dog shows, and seminars. Sidney is learning the ropes. When I retire Jasper in the future, I don't know if I'll still take him or leave him home. He is so bounded to me that I will probably still take him.

westoverpugs said...

If I had just two, and both were comfortable at trials I'd definitely bring both. five gets a little complicated! I never feel like everyone gets enough time at trials if I bring the whole crew. I hate them sitting around in crates most of the day when they could be relaxing at home.

It's just hard to see them not want to come on walks, that's why I have dogs, to do things together, even though I have "lap dogs", that's just never been how we relate to each other. It's a change that's been sneaking up on me, and I'm afraid of the day that Kittie starts to really age. I have such a history with her, and she never seems totally happy other than when she's running on the trails or doing agility.

The Pug Boys said...

I have a friend who has a pappillion that she retired at the age of twelve. I've known this dog since she was 8 years old and at the prime of her obedience carrier. Quite a few times she has competed at the AKC invitational. She's been ranked number one toy dog in the AKC. She's almost 14 years old now. It's hard for me to watch her grow old. She was once so vibrant. Now she moves slowly, is hard of hearing, very gray, and her back has an arch. During class When we're doing stays, all by herself she gets into the line up (uninvited) and does stays with the dogs. She loved competing and training.