Monday, January 25, 2010

What's wrong with people part, part 212

I feel like this is becoming the main theme of my life. Why oh why do people put their dogs in situations that could harm them and/or others.

Before I get started, none of this involves my dogs....this time.

Part 1. A dog I've walked for several years, 4 days a week got bit a few weeks ago, when he was with me, by a dog being walked by another dog walker. I've walked Guido since he was 4 months old. There's not a mean bone in his body, he's not an obnoxious or annoying dog. He has good dog sense, he's one of the dogs I use to help socialize large breed puppies. I wouldn't take him around very small dogs, not due to aggressive or roughness, just general goofiness.

He was bit from behind, just while he walking by, doing nothing. He wasn't even looking in the direction of this other dog. It turns out this dogs has a history of this. why oh why was he running loose in a dog park with several other dogs?

Part 2. Someone Bill knows was bit by an off leash dog in the park near our home. (Yes, the same park where an off leash dog attacked Indy. Yes, the same park I rarely take my dogs to even though it's walking distance and the main reason we live here). Bill's friend was riding his bike by, and the dog came running toward him, then chased him and bit him.

There's this attitude in Frick park that as long as your dog doesn't go around viciously mauling dogs and people for no reason, and comes back (meaning doesn't run away entirely) they should be allowed to run and play off leash in the park. No one seems to think there is anything wrong with rushing towards anyone and anything. I wish people could understand your dog has no business going anywhere near anyone, without being invited. Even a friendly lab, rushing over to say "hi" could scare my little dogs, if they jump on my dogs they could seriously injure them.
I'm a huge supporter of dogs having the privilege to be off leash, but it has to be earned and there needs to be common sense. Be honest about your dog! Don't ruin things for everyone because you haven't put the time into truly training your dog. Every time a dog chases a bike it increases tension between bikers and dog walkers. Things have changed so much there, that it already has been ruined for us. Prior to this past Spring, I walked my dogs there just about every day, rain or shine for almost 10 years and that's been taken away because of people with no sense or concern for anyone else.

My pack does still get out, we drive in the car about 20 minutes to another park, that so far still is safe and fun for my dogs to play.

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The Pug Boys said...

Thank God there is still a place you can go to. Unfortunately there are morons out there. I have come across similar situations even when traveling to other states.