Sunday, April 25, 2010

My depressed problem pug

I swear Abby's been in some sort of depression since the arrival (over a year ago) of Indy. She just looks sad and sort of hollow a lot of the time, and she's been really ramping up all her "I don't care if it is negative attention, pay attention to me, me, ME" bad behaviors....barking non-stop, frantically running the fence, attacking the television....even when it's turned off!

Is this the face of depression?

To be fair she's the one who actually plays with Indy the most, Indy has been totally in love with Abby from the start. Abby gets just as much attention as always, nothing changed when Indy arrived. Abby has always been tough for me to figure out. Very high drive, yet super sensitive. Tells off every dog who looks at her the wrong way (confidence issues, perhaps?!) yet has not ever corrected Indy for *anything, ever*.

Kittie went through a similar phase when Abby joined us, except she turned into a total super-agility-nerd and never looked back.

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