Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tinkle induced melt-down

So, Indy's a freak. Aren't all dogs in some way?

Last year Indy went through a stage where she didn't want to go in the back yard. Grass in the park was fine, even soaking wet grass, but not the yard. she also didn't like going in the grass at agility trials, at least the grass closest to the buildings. I had my suspiscions, that this was related to other dogs pee being on the grass, but never was sure and it went away out of no where last Fall.

Until yesterday that is, I went to a friends to help her get started training her young dogs' running contacts. she has a teeter from mad agility, so I brought Indy along to let her play on the teeter, it's the same kind a lot of trials here use and no where we train has one. She was okay on the patio, but paniced the second she went on the grass. no interest in her favorite ball, wouldn't take food and within a few minutes started drooling like crazy, totally stressed! Put her in her crate for a while, she came out happy as can be, played on the patio area, chased her ball.....then I threw it on the grass, panic, drooling melt down. Yep, 5 dogs peeing in one yard is too much pee for Indy. She's so funny, I guess cleanliness isn't a horrible trait, and this shouldn't be an issue in the ring at a trial, other than the hike I have to go to get her to pee. Maybe she needs booties, so her delicate paws don't have to touch any tinkle......


The Pug Boys said...

Back in 2003, I took Jasper and Bailey to a seminar in Ma. This place had asphalt all around the training building. There wasn't any grass to pee on. The owner had a 6'x6' area with woodchips that had a fence around it. This was the potty area for all the dogs. Jasper and Bailey wouldn't go in there to pee. I had to take them back in the woods behind the building. This area had tons of urine smell from the other dogs. I couldn't smell it but the boys could.

At the park Jasper & Sidney want to pee on top of all the places the other dogs have marked.

westoverpugs said...

It's odd, because I don't consider Indy to be especially "stressy", a tad sensitive at times, definitely has her likes/dislikes, but I've only seen a handful of dogs this obviously stressed, as Indy was....over something so (seemingly) silly.

At some dog shows there will be those indoor areas, with saw dust or cedar shavings, none of my dogs will ever go in there, can't say I blame them!