Sunday, April 25, 2010

weekend run thrus

Took the young ladies to run thrus at splash and dash on Sat. It was packed, I wasn't expecting that! Lots of familiar faces bringing out new, young dogs....with mixed results. Baby dogs, you just don't know what may happen!!

Kittie on the other hand, you know exactly what to expect......lots of barking and squeeling, some knocked bars, and a near fly off on the teeter, but lots of FUN!

Abby, nice speed through out, a nice fast down on the table, nice contacts, but lots of discussions over the weave poles. She can weave the back yard.

Indy really did well. I ran her at both 8" and 12" and she did just fine at both heights. I really tested her contacts and weaves and she did fantastic. A while back she was very hesitant on this teeter, it's heavy and loud, but no problems anymore. she ran 3 times and I think her speed got better in each run. Such a good girl!!

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