Thursday, April 8, 2010

vaccines and stuff

Okay, so due to my own fear a couple of the pups are now over due for their rabies vaccines. I do titers for distemper and parvo, but usually do rabies pretty much as required by the state. Indy was due back in Feb and Abby in March. I always worry, but after Indy's reaction as a 12 week old baby; puffed up like a balloon, acting skittish and strange for well over a week....I'm terrified.

Kittie badly needs a dental too, which is frustrating because, she just had a dental!!! I took her in, told them her teeth are bad, they peek in her mouth agree that a dental is in order. I pick her up later that day, they couldn't remove several bad teeth, that had broken off because she was only under light sedation, what?? did they not take a really good look at what was going on before deciding on the level of sedation?

I'll never understand my dog's teeth. Abby has the most gleaming, perfect teeth you've ever seen.....but she's had to have several removed because of slab fractures. Willy's teeth...nasty, nasty, nasty. He gets a dental and literally within 2 months they look just as bad as before. Rudy, the old lady of the family actually has pretty good teeth, from what anyone can actually see, she's not exactly cooperative. Kittie's teeth are a mess. a mixture of broken and just plain yuck. Indy's are looking the same as the day she came here, perfect! they all eat raw, spend a good deal of time chewing and get their teeth brushed.


The Pug Boys said...

Vetzlife may help your guys. I spray it on Jasper's & Sidney's teeth every night before bedtime. It helps soften and reduce the tarter on the teeth. I purchase the product from my vet's office. You can get Petslife on the internet and pet stores but it is diluted. I delayed Sidney getting his rabies vaccine too. I got him when he was 7 months old. He only had his puppy shots - not rabies. I put it off until he was one years old. At one, his rabies was a one year shot. This past March he was due again for rabies. They gave him a 3 year rabies vaccine. Dr. Dodds recommended the Merial IMRAB TF3 rabies vaccine. TF3 means themersol free. Themersol is mercury. Animals even people can have an allergic reaction to the mercury (themersol) that is put into the vaccine. They have a Rabies Challenge Fund Study going on to show how long the immunity last with the Rabies Vaccine. Drug companies have stated it lasts for seven years. Hopefully this study will prove it. Then we can get our state governments to change the law so our dogs will be vaccinated every 7 years instead of every 3. Some states allow for a medical exemption for dogs who have had an allergic reaction.

westoverpugs said...

thanks Jeanie, lots of good information!

We have Petslife, but I bought it at a groomers, wonder if it's the diluted version? Probably.