Thursday, May 12, 2011

Agility induced fog

I don't know what was wrong with me last night. Just running along, fine enough and all of a sudden it was like I had no idea what i was doing, don't think I could have told you my left from my right. About the only thing I could manage was to run in a straight line. I felt really hot, (it was hot, but not HOT), like heat just radiating off my head, and this slight panic feeling.. I think mostly for my poor little dog. I felt better pretty quickly, I've had this happen in the spring when it first gets hot when I'm working in the past....just weird! I didn't eat much that day....just wasn't hungry. Low blood sugar, perhaps?

One good thing though, when Indy was younger she had this habit of shutting down/finding something better to do/sniffing/saying "hi" to everyone if I made the slightest mistake, no matter how I handled it, it was like, if I stopped for a second, she tuned out. She stayed right with me through all my bone-headed mistakes last night. Just looking at me like "what am I going to do with you?!" I'm sorry Indy, I won't let it happen again!

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