Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a couple of jerks

Had a few moments this past weekend, where bill and I took turns being big jerks.

First Bill pretty much told someone to STOP running their dog, retire him, PLEASE and while i agree, just a little sugar would have been nice to smooth things along. I also think it's one of those things that people need to figure out for themselves, why it's so hard for some people to see i don't know. When your dog is dragging his back feet, crossing them over each other from time to's time to retire. At least from reg. AKC classes, I'm sure a tunnelers run in CPE or nadac would be fine. I don't care if they're having fun or not at a point it's just not safe. Our dogs will have fun doing almost anything we do with them.

Then on sunday it was my turn. I'm one of those really annoying people who are never 100% satisfied with how I do, I'm happy with most of my runs, but there's always something that gets me, that I want to be better, but it's just my personality and I've been this way with everything I've ever done. I've learned to just shut up say "thank you" when someone compliments a run....most of the time. Indy's jww time was good, but it was on the lower end of her avg yps, due to some wide turns, and I was deep in thought about how to improve her times consistently when someone complimented her time, to which I gave a very " was alright" comment, must learn to just up and say thank you, and keep my obsessing to myself.


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Mom's big pet peeve is folks running dogs in agility that are a) too fat, or b) too crippled to run.

As the years go by, her "politeness filter" gets smaller and smaller, and she tells it like it is.


westoverpugs said...

Too fat is definitely not good! We see that here and there.
I wonder if people just can't see it? I was going to suggest video taping this dogs runs and sending them to the owner, I know I see a lot more from video than I pick up when I'm running. All of our dogs were retired before they looked bad, I figure get out while you're still doing good! It's just too sad to watch them struggle in the ring.