Monday, May 16, 2011

When she's good she's great......

But when she's bad....look out!

We went to the WCOTC trial this past weekend, held at the brand new B&D creekside activity center. The facility is great, perfect turf, nice equipment, crating was a little tight (mainly because people have to set up as though they're moving in for the weekend), lots of room to walk dogs outside too. We're lucky to be able to start training there too!

Saturday was just a train wreck of a day. Trial started at 8:30 with fast first, and very small entries, so we show up around 10:00 and fast is still going on, we didn't get in the ring until close to 2:00 I think and then jumpers wasn't until around 4:30 if I'm remembering correctly. Just crazy. I love agility, and really enjoy trialing, but I have limits.

first was standard, Indy was so wound at this point, she was barking her head off outside the ring and was really excited to go! weaves were the 3rd obstacle and She got almost to the end before she came out, darted right across my feet to take an off course tunnel. I could have easily stepped on her! She finished the rest of the course nicely. By the time jumpers finally came around, I think both of us were pretty much done for the day. She has never been so bad in the ring! I don't even know how many off courses she had, and she came bouncing out of the ring, obviously very proud of herself! I think that was the first time she's ever ran at a trial and got no treats at the end of her run.

Sunday was a new day, and she ran pretty much flawlessly. I wanted to make sure I didn't get there too early again, and made prefect timing, the walk though was just starting as we walked in. She ended up getting her 7th MX leg and her 3rd MXJ leg and DQ #2. Earning 1st place in both runs.


Gracie the Agility Pug said...

Great job. Gotta love pugs, don't you? Never know what's up their paw.

westoverpugs said...

Yes, you do gotta love pugs...but Indy's my pap : )

Abby & willy (both pugs) were the only dogs I've run where I consistently felt like I had no idea what was going to happen. Kittie (pug) and Indy have always been somewhat predictable. Indy's biggest issue is she's only 2 yrs old and still very much a baby.....and I was pretty much done at that trial too!