Monday, May 2, 2011

Indy N Olmsted April 30-May 1st

The curse is officially broken! Indy had two Qs this weekend, with bill at the trial! Yay!

Still so many things to improve on, but coming along really nicely. Have I mentioned how much i love this dog?! She's just so much fun, and such a good traveler too, no problems at the hotel. She's just 100% about having fun all the time.

The pugs got to hang out with their aunt Danielle this weekend, which i know they love, but still it was tough leaving them behind, especially Kittie, who was following me everywhere sat. morning, she knows when it's a trial weekend and she would love to still be out there. Luckily we don't need to travel too often, there are so many local trials coming up.


Mandy said...

Indy is so fast, I love her! She has nice weaves too.

Congrats on breaking the curse!

westoverpugs said...

Thank you. she's a fun girl!