Sunday, January 25, 2009

Abby's dance class

Abby and I went to a musical freestyle class on Saturday.....muscial freestyle, also known as dancing with your dog. I love watching it, but I'll admit it's defintely on the fringe of dog sports, anything that involves you, a dog and costumes kind of has to be somewhat on the fringe....don't you think??

We had a lot of fun though. Abby really needed some time just with her mom (although the little monster known as Indy did come along for the ride). It was a lot of heeling, both on the left and right, cute little spins, spins while heeling, lifting each foot on cue, weaving between your legs, backing up in heel position, backing up in front of you and we're getting started on weaving backwards and having the dogs back up around's really good for body awareness and I love teaching all sorts of tricks to the dogs and Abby's always been my little "clickster trickster" dog!

We're going back next month......supposedly with music picked out! Any ideas? Abby needs something quick and peppy.


Margie said...

Freestyle is not quite my thing but from a training point of view, I think it takes a very cleaver dog to do it well. :-) Aoife and I had our first competition obediance class on Saturday. It was a day of firsts for both of us.

westoverpugs said...

I can't see competing in it, but it's fun teaching the various skills.