Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I'm starting the new year off right......and getting down to business about finding my next dog! I finally started making some serious inquiries, instead of just staring at breeder websites, so I have to wait and see. I always get so nervous when looking for a dog, no matter how long I've owned dogs and no matter how much I've accomplished....and lets face it, my crew has a very, very good life, I still feel like I'm going to get turned down by good breeders.

On another note, I do have a goal relating to agility for the new year. I want to get my mental game tuned up. I rarely get nervous, or forget courses, but sometimes I'm almost too relaxed and sometimes my mind just drifts for a split second....and that's usually about the time that they pull off a jump, or dart ahead of me and take an off course! The runs that are really awesome, I'm totally focused, maybe just a bit on edge, but still relaxed if that makes sense, I want to be able to put myself in that place every time I step up to run my dogs.

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