Thursday, January 15, 2009

Name Game & brrrrrr

I picked Rudy, Willy & Kittie's names before I ever met them. I had a list of possible names before Abby came home...Abby was not on that list.

I'm going to wait until I get to know "puppy", as she's been referred to lately before naming her, but I do have some names I like.

*Indie- This is the current top pick, she's from IN, it sounds fast, think Indianapolis 500

*Puck- I know it's not exactly girly, but I like it, based on the mischevious Fairie from A Mid summers nights dream

*Scout- Again, not really girly, but I love the character from To kill a mockingbird

*Lilah- no real reason, just rolls off your tongue well and it is girly, in case she strikes as me as bit of princess (I hope not too much of a princess)

*Zoe- Love it, but I know a lot of Zoe's

The breeder is keeping her brother and his call name is "Colt", I like it!!

Don't even get me started on Reg. names, I'm terrible at picking those!

It is *SO* cold here, I don't think I ever remember it being quite this cold. The air temp is -7 and the windchill is around -20. I walk my dogs in all weather, I've never said it's too hot, cold, wet etc to go for a walk....until now. They go out in the back yard and literally within seconds they start limping and falling : ( their poor little feet are just freezing up. Maybe it's a good thing, "puppy" won't be here until tomorrow, when the weather should warm up into the 20s...I actually really like it in the 20s, crisp and cold, but no frozen feet!


Margie said...

My favorite is Zoe but like you said, there are a ton of Zoes out there right now. Puck and Scout are both good too. I had all my pugs names picked out before I say them also. :-) Kinda like giving birth, you always pick out a name before the baby is born. :-)

The Pug Boys said...

All the names sound good. I especially like Indie. It's unique and implies speed.

westoverpugs said...

Margie, and I thought I was the odd ball naming them before I ever met them. I do think it's a bit different than naming babies though, since we generally bring them home when they're already atleast two months old and their personailty is already showing itself.
Jeanie, I'm really leaning towards Indie too, so as long as it seems to fit her that may be the one.