Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Shark Attack

Managed to get some pics of Indy, otherwise known as Sharky.

What are you doing up there, don't you know I can't get up there.....yet.

See the mortified look on Abby's face? this is the only place she gets any peace when the shark is on the loose.

Take that fuzzy ladybug........it's all shark food to me!

A very rare moment where she's both awake and still, this lasted about .5 seconds.

Indy is actually learning how to stay, which she's catching on to fairly quick, but she shakes the whole time she's staying!!


Jamie said...

Poor Abby does not look happy. Indy is adorable (and I LOVE her name)! I like your new blog title too! It sounds like she is going to be fun and fast to train. :0)

Margie said...

I'm in love! I just can't wait to meet her. Abby's face is priceless!

As soon as I get Clancy's issues all worked out, we will have to plan a half way meet again. I have a non-agility friend in Ohio who I'm dying to visit also. It would be perfect. :-)

westoverpugs said...

I had to change the name!
Margie, I was wondering about a half way trial this year, let me know about when you'd like to shoot for. I'm just getting my spring schedule together.
What issues is he having, start line issues?

Anonymous said...

A huge "congratulations" on your new addition!!! Can wait to meet her in person--she's adorable!

Jan Smith said...

Oops--forgot to sign the last posting! The "congratulations" is from Jan and George and the Poms!!

Margie said...

We are having a couple of issues. One is our start line and the fact that Clancy is not even pretending to hold his stay for one second. It's gotten so bad that he is trying to start even as I take off his leash. And since it's my critera, I have to fix it. He's perfect in class and at home of course. The other is his usual weave pole issue. It's been over year now since it started and my teacher thinks I'm starting to suck the fun out of weaves at trials. I get so tense, "Is he going to do them or he is going to pop out" sort of thing that Clancy doesn't even want to try anymore because he is reading that in me. Again 100% in class and at home where there is no pressure. So I'm going to play some NADAC and CPE games for a couple of months where I can pick him up if he breaks his stay and start having fun again around weave poles. I think we will be successful because I don't take NADAC and CPE very seriously. :-)