Saturday, January 3, 2009

Look at those Ears!

Pretty cute, don't you think?
She looks like she wants to do some agility!

Here's her mom, isn't she adorable?!


Jamie said...

Are you bringing her home?

westoverpugs said...

Yes, that's the plan. She's related to the 2008 8" agility nationals winner. The breeder really wanted to keep her for conformation, but she has white on her ears, so she can't be shown. Ruling out any snow/ice storms she'll be coming home in a week!

I'm about ready to burst!!

Margie said...

Congratulations! What a doll! Will she ever grow into her ears?? :-) I have a friend who has an agiilty pap, and she is wonderful! I look forward to watching her make a new life with the WPP. You won't have to change the name of your blog much. Now it will be the WPPP! LOL!

The Pug Boys said...

Wow! She's adorable. You'll both have a blast. Congrats on your new pup.