Thursday, July 10, 2008


How cute are these guys?! I've been in love with smooth coated brussels griffons for a long, long time.

I won't be adding to our family for several years, but I've been thinking about the next puppy a lot lately....and I'm not sure if it's going to be another pug. It will defnitely be a small dog though.

Here's my short list of breeds I'm considering in random order:


Toy Fox terrier

Boston Terrier

Brussels griffon (smooth coated)

Pug, I really think no matter what breed I get next, I will always share my home with a pug.

Papillons really appeal to me because they're a small dog that's considered very trainable and intelligent, now I've been training dogs known to be anything but for close to 10 years now. I'd love to see first hand how the experience is different. My pugs have done well in agility, but there are issues, I haven't seen a pug who is truely a *great* jumper. I've learned how to work around their bar knocking issues, but it's a constant challenge. They are insanely sensitive. I would love to run a dog who is bit more "stable" in a competition environment.

Brussels griffons...well they sound almost just like a pug, intelligent, but very sensitive, maybe more sensitive! I'm just so drawn to them. I know and understand that temperment and I know I'm good at bringing a lot out of those sort of dogs.

I'm still researching and learning about Toy fox terriers and bostons.

Pugs are what I know best and I could just stick with what I know and love! Maybe a little black female pug, next time!


Margie said...

I'd be interested in what you find out about fox terriers. I don't see many at trials but they are cute! Clancy and I have a trial this weekend - send us some good weave pole vibes! LOL! We can use it. ;-)

westoverpugs said...

Good Luck this weekend. Clancy's going to kill those poles!!

There's a toy fox terrier who was at every trial around here (they're mainly doing usdaa now) who is just incredible. Every one at the invitational was great too, and they seem like very active, yet very sweet dogs. I just don't see enough of them and I really want to have a better idea of what's typical of the breed.