Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hiking in Apollo, PA

Bill and I took the pugs (and their friend, Luca) out to roaring run watershed for some hiking and swimming.

Abby being brave and swimming!! Every chance she got, she was in the water swimming like a little fish!

Kittie, with the creek behind her.

Me walking with Willy and Luca over the suspension bridge.

Abby considering some high diving into the creek!


Jamie said...

What a beautiful location, and it is so much fun to see Abby actually swimming. My guys just like to wade. I bet it is beautiful during autumn when the leaves change colors.

westoverpugs said...

Abby swam for the first time when she was really young, by accident really. She followed a lab I walk out in the water and before she knew it, she had to swim! Last year she would swim once in a while, if her toy got out too far, she'd muster up the courage to go get it, but this year she's really taking to it.

It is beautiful there in the Fall, but as we learned last year, there are hunters literally surrounding the area...yikes! You don't want to venture off the main trail at all at the time of the year.