Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Yet

Kittie's really making sweat for this! She had a beautiful standard run on Sunday on a tough course, with a first place! The JWW course was easy, flowing and the Q rate was really high.....strangely, those are typically not the courses Kittie does well on.

I was feeling really calm, despite every other person I saw asking me if I was nervous and giving me a pep talk. The only time I felt that flutter in my chest was when I saw them bring the mach bar ringside, it felt so real, that was *Kittie's* mach bar! The whole place was dead quiet as we stepped up to the line, the toughest part of the course was the beginning, three sharply angled jumps, with a front cross right before the weave poles, no problems at all, then it was just a fast, straight stretch of jumps......she brought down the triple and the whole crowd just groaned, then she visibly slowed down, knowing she knocked a bar and then the nervous stutter stepping started, poor Kittie.

We're entered in an outdoor trial next weekend. Kittie usually has a really high Q rate at outdoor trials.


Margie said...

Give the wonderful Miss K a big hug for me. :-) I'll be rooting for you this weekend!

Clancy had a great weekend, no Q's but 5 out of 6 weaves! I'm so happy it feels like we had all first place finishes.

westoverpugs said...

That's great! Way to go Clancy!!

Somehow I really underestimated how nerve racking this mach business is. I'm always, really excited to get in the ring and run, no matter what, doesn't matter if we already NQ our first run and have nothing but a few points on the line, I'm still chomping at the bit to get going, but this, just gets ridiculous. I love how supportive everyone is, but it really can wear down.

I feel all pathetic today...all over a stinkin dropped bar.....

Margie said...

I bet it is trying - especially if you are trialing around your group of friends. I see that kind of pressure would make me edgy for sure! It would almost be better to go where no one knows you for a couple of trials! :-) (but not nearly as fun).

I have noticed that you haven't mentioned anything on the agility board or PV. I'm holding my tongue because I figure you want a low profile about the whole thing. And how cool will it be to just say, oh, by the way Miss Kittie and I rock.... :-)

I remember at the Ohio trial, the judge said to us before one of the runs (and maybe he said it to you excellent guys also) go ahead and work your butt off for a MACH and then you can start to have fun again when all the pressure is off. :-)

I feel your pain about feeling pathetic. Yesterday Clancy had the standard run of his so far short career - picture perfect until the second to the last obstacle for that course, the table. He had four (count them) table faults. I finally looked down at him and said, are you trying to break my heart?? LOL! He got on the table then. :-)

westoverpugs said...

I'm feeling better, I just needed to get out with my own dogs for a while. Abby took a swim all the way across the creek, she never fails to traumatize her mother!

PV, well I haven't mentioned anything, because for the most part I don't think most people there really get it. Don't get me wrong, once we have it, I'll be shouting from the roof tops to anyone who will listen : )

I may mention something on the pug agility group....I may want some power pug vibes for next weekend.

I think the judge in OH, has a very nice point and maybe that's true for some, but everyone I know is on the the next MACH, or looking to improve their rankings, or something, and I know I'll be the same way! I just can't help it!

I'll bet Abby has Clancy beat on table faults....she races across that thing like a little ping pong ball!!