Friday, July 25, 2008

Outdoor Trials

I'm so sad, I found out earlier this week that my favorite trial is going to move indoors next year. There are fewer and fewer outdoor trials every year it seems, and the ones that are left have very low entries.

Am I the only one who loves an outdoor trial? Just spending the day outside with my dogs is good enough for me, but an outdoor trial is just the best! You get to run on grass, good traction and cushioning for both us and the dogs. Sure sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate, but that just adds to the interest to me. Some of my favorite agility memories are of being huddled under a tent waiting to run in down pouring rain.

We're off to an outdoor trial this weekend. The site is beautiful, with a small lake right there and the weather forecast looks good, sunny with highs in the low 80s!

I have an odd request, think ugly! Yes, that right, send your ugly course vibe my way. Kittie's speciality is ugly, twisty, turny courses with very low Q rates. The easy, flowing ones with lots of straight lines just eat us alive!


Margie said...

Sending you hopes for the ugliest course ever! LOL! :-)

I like outdoor trials also and over the past weekend that's where we were. It rained on Saturday so our runs were in the mud and pouring rain. I had a blast and Clancy is not bothered in the least by the weather. :-)

Jamie said...

Any news on Kittie's MACH? :0)

westoverpugs said...

We suck. Still nothing. Teeter fly off in standard, knocked the double and triple in JWW. To top it off Abby had a beautiful JWW run and was called for missing a weave pole, which she didn't miss! I have it on tape too, oh well.

We're heading out soon for another try, this is the longest Kittie's gone without a double Q all year, it's killing me!!

Jamie said...

You guys will make it very soon! Kittie must just love the anticipation! Good luck today!