Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bill didn't come

And we still didn't double Q....what the heck, I though leaving your husband home was the trick to successful agility runs!

Kittie was really, really wound. She didn't stop barking the entire time she was ring side, until I picked her up to go in the ring. We were all set, ready to run......then the timers were having an issue, no big deal I though, I'll just hold her, it shouldn't be too long, well within a few seconds Kittie had enough, first the wiggling started, then...oh no, the pug scream started and continued until it was time. Nothing like standing on the line, holding a wiggling, screaming dog! We actually started off pretty good, then a bar came down, followed by another bar down, then she thought we were heading to the weaves and missed the teeter, then she almost off coursed into a tunnel, followed by an incorrect weave pole entry....and one more bar down to end things.

The lesson in all of this, if the timer is malfunctioning, go take a seat right outside the ring until they call you.

She did have a nice JWW run. Maybe tomorrow...........

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Margie said...

I can't wait to hear how to did today. Clancy had a great weekend - 5 out of 6 weave poles! :-) All I did was slow us down and he nailed the entries.