Thursday, July 3, 2008

Barking, lots & lots of Barking

It's been non-stop, round the clock barking around here. I don't know if we have new neighbors, if someone recently rescued a couple of dogs, or what, but the barking hasn't stopped yet.

There's the big dog barking, loud, low pitched and constant and the shreaky, screaming little dog, (maybe a puppy?) punctuating the big dog's barks.

I'm watching Luca, a litle cockapoo for the week and you guessed it, he's joining in with the neighbors! Abby's been grumbling a bit, with the occasional "real" bark thrown in.......

Who just lets their dogs bark non-stop? My dogs bark, but they're not allowed to just go on and on.

It's bound to get worse too, once people start setting off fireworks. Why I didn't I just enter that trial this weekend?!

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