Sunday, June 22, 2008

Birthday Girls

Rudy, the birthday Girl!!
Rudy and I both had birthdays this week, mine was yesterday and Rudy's was on Tuesday. Miss Rudy turned 9, and I'm now 33......we're both getting officially getting old!! I'm kidding, sort of, I can remember when anything over 30, heck anything over 25 sounded ancient. Rudy's barely slowed down at all and neither have I.

We celebrated yesterday by sleeping in, (we *never* sleep in) eating a big breakfast and spending the day in Sewickley Park.

Abby working on her handstand, Kittie and Willy are there to spot her, just in case.

The whole crew; Abby, Kittie, Rudy & Willy

More pictures Here:


Margie said...

Happy Birthday Jesse and Rudy!

Jamie said...

Happy birthday you guys!!