Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What, no trial?

No trials for us last weekend. The only trial was a little over 3 hours away, and we've been going non-stop all Spring, so we took the weekend off. I try to schedule some off time, thinking they need it, but I'm not so sure. I know I always kick myself for not entering a trial, and I think Kittie would kick me as well!

Kittie was not pleased at all! Saturday morning, she was whining, pacing and barking at me. She got over it while we were out hiking, but as soon as we got home the little terror started back. We haven't done any agility since last Wednesday and she's been moping around ever since the weekend. Abby's more go with the flow, as long as we're doing something, she's happy.

They get in such a pattern, just like us. Kittie will be happy to know we're going to practice tonight and Wednesday and we have a two day outdoor trial this weekend....she won't be so pleased when she finds out we're taking the first two weeks of July off! August & September are jam packed though.

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