Sunday, June 15, 2008

Three Rivers sheltie club of greater Pittsburgh trial

We did pretty well this weekend, Kittie Q in 3 out of 4 runs, bringing the total to 17 double Qs!!!! Just 3 more to go!!!

Abby was such a cutie this weekend, if you're going to NQ you may as well do it with some pizzazz! She had a really funny off course into the wrong end of the tunnel, she jumped *really* wide, I said tunnel, she took the first end of the tunnel she saw....good dog, I should have said "come, tunnel", she knocked the double in the same run and then was a little worried about it in JWW and standard on Sunday (that wasn't so cute), but she got it in her last run of the day. She was just flying in JWW today, 15 seconds under time!! It would have been a Q too, but I was so proud of her for taking that double, I wanted to tell her, I said "good girl" she looked up at me and ran right past the next jump, grinning from ear to ear at what a *good girl* she was and she is....we'll get it together one of these days, we're certainly have a good time trying!

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Margie said...

Yeah Kittie! 3 to go, you must be so excited! :-)

As you the incredable Miss Abby, you just can't buy joy! It's a pleasure to watch her