Monday, June 9, 2008

Burning Up!

It's officially summer...not according to the calendar, but it's been HOT. 94 and humid!

We ran at the youngstown/gordon setter club trial this weekend. I rarely crate inside, Kittie freaks out from the moment she's in the building, so outside is best for her (and everyone else). This weekend was no exception, I leave the car totally open, with silver mesh shade cloths covering every inch. They have fans blowing on them all the time and spent the day soaking wet from frequent dips in the baby pool. Inside the building wasn't air condidtioned anyway, just huge ceiling fans that help somewhat.

Saturday we went 0 for 4, neither Kittie or Abby completed a set of weave poles, these weave poles *are* odd, the bases are very irregular, and they're black, but trimmed in white. Sunday both girls figured out those funny weave poles. Kittie got DQ #16, with 2 first places WOOHOO!!! Nothing (again) for Abby, but as I keep saying she really did run very well. Her speed was really up there, when a lot of dogs were slowing down from the heat, she had too much speed going into the weave poles on both runs on Sunday and just could get the entry, lots of dogs had the same issue. Abby really looked pretty good, we even successfully threw in a couple of rear crosses. Abby wasn't even panting after running, with that completely flat face and tiny, tiny little nose


Margie said...

Yeah Miss Kittie!

I had to laugh because we handle so differently, you mention when you get successful rear crosses and I do the happy dance when I manage to get in a front cross. :-) But watching you handle your girls has inspired me to try to learn to handle Aoife differently from the get go. I always try the front cross first - I find it's helping me learn the motion and body language and that is helping me with Clancy.

westoverpugs said...

So true! I stink at rear crosses, I'm too much of a spaz...I move before they're comitted and pull them off, just about every time! Plus, because I usually handle from the front, they really don't know what they're supposed to do when they find themselves ahead of me, so neither one of use is very confident with the whole concept.

I doubt I'll ever rear cross with Kittie, she has such a small stride and she pays attention so well I don't need to, but it's a real nice tool to have with Abby.

Jamie said...

I am glad you guys had a fun weekend! I am glad it's not that warm here yet....yuck!