Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dealing with disapointment in agility

Let me start by saying I do not handle disapointment well at all. I can't even begin to understand *why* qualifying means so, so much to me. It could have been a great run, with one tiny doesn't matter, I'm completely deflated. I wish I knew how to put things in perspective better.....I still reward my dogs, tell them what a good job they did, but it's not the same and they know it.

On to this weekend's trial. Kittie Qd in JWW both days with a 1st and 4th placement, but no standard Qs, she ran right past the teeter on Sat. and got nervous about the judge on Sunday and actually ducked behind me to avoid him, and ended up getting a refusal....see, it really wasn't that bad, but these were mistakes I can't understand. If we're going to screw up, I prefer it to be my fault, either in my handing or lack of training. It's always easier to fix those kinds of errors in the future.

Abby was hot and cold, some runs were really nice like today's standard run, (clean, with just a table fault) and others were just terrible!

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Margie said...

I totally can understand! Like you, I'm there to play with my dogs and being with them is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. But it's still hard to take the little mistakes that I can't understand - like weave poles. ;-) It's difficult to remember that everything else was perfect.

Give Kittie a big hug for me!

Clancy and I were one mistake away in four different runs from Qs (one dropped bar in Novice Fast in the bonus and three no weaves in JWW and Standard). I'm glad we are taking a little break - our next trial in in July.