Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rain, rain go away

It's miserable here....the rain has been coming down non-stop since yesterday afternoon. It's not a nice, refreshing light rain either! I should have already left for work......yuck.

Walking dogs in this kind of weather is just awful. Half of them act like they're being tortured and refuse to move, pee or much anything else, the other half are in muddy, stinky wet dog bliss. Either way it plain old sucks. They're calling for thunder storms too, and a couple of the dogs are deathly afraid of storms, think full blown panic attack!

Wish me luck.


Jamie said...

It has been the exact way here. The pugs don't mind the rain or getting muddy, and I actually don't mind it either. But, day after day of absolutely pouring rain with lightning and thunder just makes me want to curl up on the couch with a book and not do anything! :0) Here's to hoping it moves on soon.....

westoverpugs said...

I don't mind walking my own dogs in rain, but walking other people's dogs all day long is another story, and then when their dogs are dirty you have to explain to these people that the park is MUD. They act as if I told their dogs to go lie down in mud puddles. A lot of my clients never take their own dogs out for anything more than a walk around the block, so they don't understand why their dogs get dirty......I also could live without the wet dog smell that permeates my car after a day of rain too!