Thursday, June 5, 2008


Doesn't look like all that much, but man does it hurt! Two dogs basically ran me over, luckily I stayed upright, but they went right over my heel/Achilles. At the time, it hurt just a bit, then I noticed blood, then after a whole day of walking on it, with my shoe rubbing on it, it's swollen and I'm hobbling around. The plan is to rest tonight, work as usual tomorrow and then run Kittie & Abby at the Youngstown trial on Sat. & Sun. I may try to wear flip flops tomorrow just to take the pressure off of it.

My pugs go to the park every day with a group of small dogs, JB a big, puppymill rescue affenpincher, Callie a shih-tzu princess, Jake a momma's boy bichon (seriously there is no one who can come close to his mom in his eyes, I don't stand a chance) and Luka a cockapoo, who is rumored to be Abby's boyfriend are the usuals in their group. Stangely every one of these dogs was cancelled for one reason or another, so it was just my pugs today......I should have took it as a couple of hours off in the afternoon, considering my bloody, nasty heel, but I never claimed to have much sense. I realized something, that I've been suspicious of, my dogs are much, much better behaved when not with the other little dogs. They listen in the group, but they're a *lot* of work to keep in check. The park was packed as it was warm and sunny, it would have been disasterous with the whole pack, JB gets a bit worried sometimes and hides when bikes come by, Luka barks to scare off all the big dogs, Jake's just a basket case who wants his momma! (Callie, actually is pretty close to perfect, she's been coming since she was 12 weeks old.) I get stressed out, and then my dogs get stressed out.

The pugs were on perfect behavior. Abby was the welcoming commitee and the others just minded their own business. They also really seemed to enjoy having some time together without the others around. Bill and I used to always take them to the park in the morning together, I still do a couple of days a week, but I mainly just throw a tennis ball for them in the field and then they go for a quick swim if it's warm. I'm going to have to get them out on more hikes together. Some mom and pug time : )

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Jamie said...

That really looks like it hurt!! Ouch! I hope you and pugs get some great hiking time soon!